Take Control of your health!

Fitness is an everlasting Journey.  Once you accept that, the changes and work will be worth it!
2009 - I was married, on a vacation with my childhood friends, practicing Bodypump with rocks as I bloomed into the beginning of a decade as a fitness professional.
2019- I’m single, a mother, real estate professional and fitness passionista ☺️
Along the way I’ve learned that you must be intentional with your efforts, goals and vision.  I hope my efforts can inspire and educate others to be Great!

How I did it!


Fitness routine shifts

My workouts went from 15-20 hours a week, to absolutely no working out, to building back up to 4-5 hours a week.  These transitions happened over the course of a 2-3 year time period.. 

Nutritional changes

When I factored in nutritional adjustments, the results I saw were by far the key to changing my body, mind and spirit. 

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Lifestyle changes

*Intermittent fasting 

*No drinking water with meals

*Drinking an abundance of water throughout the day

*Transitioning to Plant based foods

*Being conscious of my Gut Health

*Getting adequate rest when needed

*Incorporating the right nutrition and supplementation to support a healthy system, body and mind. 

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Healthy Help

Here are some videos to watch and share that can help you find your health!