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AUGUST Edition

*  Why homeownership is important to Americans 

*  Make a great impression with sellers  

* Featured Listing! 

*  Will a new Starbucks nearby increase the value of your home? 

JULY Edition

* The biggest disadvantage to renting cover 

*  How you can help your kids buy a home 

*Featured Listing

*  Why robots will never replace real estate agents 

JUNE Edition

*This could be the most dangerous appliance in your home ...

*Did you know you have multiple credit scores? 

*Featured Listing!

*Disaster preparedness: Do you have a plan? 

MAY Edition

* How color psychology can help sell your home 

* The dangers of overpricing a property 

* Featured Listing!  

* Have you taken an insurance inventory of your home lately? 

APRIL Edition

* 3 secret tips to buying a home 

* Watch out for this mortgage scam 

* New to the Market  

*  Spring forward to a faster home sale by doing this

MARCH Edition

* A better way to buy your next home 

* Don't make this first-time home buyer mistake 

* New to the Market  

* Time zone anomalies: Not everyone springs forward 

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